Housing Strategies for Newcomers to Canada

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Whether you plan to rent or buy, researching and creating a housing strategy before you arrive in Canada as a newcomer or international student is a smart move in finding your first rental home. 

Following the Canadian housing market trends about where you first plan to settle and work can help smooth your future life in Canada.

Immigrants must keep current on rental housing trends in Canada. The market is highly competitive, and vacancy rates in the country's major and mid-sized cities are at historic lows (1.5 percent).

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A recent Rentals.ca survey showed that 34 percent of people renting had been looking for a place for at least two months, with 15 percent searching for more than six months.


In March, asking rents for all residential property types in Canada averaged $2,181. That's an 8.8 percent hike from a year ago.

New data from Statistics Canada shows that year over year, Canada’s population grew by 1,031,200 people. That's a lot of competition for an apartment, so researching can give you a competitive edge. 

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Action Plan for Newcomers:

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