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Rentals for Newcomers is the most direct route to finding accommodation in Canada. It connects newcomers and international students with landlords who value them as tenants. 

Finding rental housing in Canada is challenging for those arriving, with rent prices rising and vacancy rates at all-time lows. 

Rentals for Newcomers also provides invaluable information on many important issues facing immigrants:


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Immigration to Canada continues to impact the demand for rental housing. 

Canada plans to settle a minimum of  485,000 permanent residents this year and 500,000 in 2025.

The federal government will also limit the number of temporary residents entering the country to five percent of the population over the next three years. The current percentage is 6.2 percent (2.5 million students, foreign workers, and asylum seekers).

So register today for free and get to your first apartment rental in Canada! 

Also, our monthly rental webinar, free for newcomers and international students, will help you with your rental research. 

This webinar aims to provide you with the knowledge and tools to find your personal housing solution in Canada in the city where you choose to settle.

And don't forget that Canada has hundreds of excellent settlement agencies to help you transition successfully. 


You can also check out our latest Housing Newsletter for Newcomers and International Students.

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Steve Tustin is the Editor for Rentals for Newcomers and a contributing editor for Prepare for Canada. He is also the former managing editor of and a former senior editor at the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star.

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*No AI-generated content was used in the writing of this story, and all sources are cited and credited where possible