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Rentals For Newcomers is your online advertising source for rental properties in Canada. Sign up today to get your properties listed on Rentals For Newcomers and start filling your vacancies.


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Why Rentals for Newcomers?

Rentals for Newcomers exists to help newcomers avoid headaches, heartaches and expenses (both time and money) in the rental search process by promoting the landlords who value newcomers as tenants.

If you're a landlord who recognizes the long term value of newcomers as reliable tenants, and you understand the challenges newcomers may face in finding their first rental property in Canada (some may come with lack of credit history, or possibly no job offer yet), Rentals for Newcomers is the site for you.

We've got a large and always growing database of recently arrived newcomers and a pipeline of newcomers who are ready to make the journey; meaning we're the right location to help you connect with a steady supply of potential tenants!

Here's How It Works.

It's Simple.

Our site works like a traditional rental site for newcomers in Canada.

Our international audience can use our site to research housing options, but inquiries will not be sent to landlords until they've arrived in Canada. Once a newcomers location profile has been updated indicating they've landed in Canada, we'll privide them with a list of recommeded options based on their indicated preferences. Meaning we're connecting you with a steady stream of potential tenants who are landing all across the country.

Connecting the right property, to the right person, at the right time!

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