Should You Settle Downtown or in the Suburbs?

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When you are trying to decide where you should live in Canada, location is important.  Once you have narrowed down the province and city that you want to live in, you need to think about exactly where you are going to rent or buy your first home in Canada.  Ideally you should have secured work so that you can factor the length of your commute into the decision.

If you are like most newcomers to Canada, you are probably heading to one of the major cities here. The big decision you have to make now is if you are going to live in the suburbs or the downtown area.  There are many benefits to living in both types of communities, you just need to make sure that you choose the right one for you and your family if they are coming to Canada with you.

Living downtown

By choosing to live in the downtown area of a Canadian city like Toronto or Vancouver you will have a lot to do.  There will be a huge choice of restaurants to choose from and year round events to enjoy.  You will also be able to go to the many museums that are available to you.  

Living downtown does have its downside though.  You will probably be living in a condo in the downtown area as house prices have skyrocketed in recent years.  Condo living can be a great time, but it you have your family with you, you may find that there is not a whole lot of space available.

Living in the suburbs

If you decide to live in the suburbs you will have a lot more space to breath and you can enjoy your own personal garden.  If you have your family with you, you will have a lot more space than if you were all cramped into a condo.

By living in the suburbs you will be missing out on some of the benefits of living downtown.  You will almost certainly need a car to get to the grocery store and restaurants.  However the grocery stores that you do drive to will be larger and cheaper than the downtown equivalent.

What is the right choice for me?

It varies from person to person, for me I wanted to live downtown so that I could experience everything that my new city had to offer, however I came on my own and can see that a family would not have fit into my condo.

And whether you choose to live downtown or the suburbs, remember that you will likely be required by your landlord to purchase renters insurance. 

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