Here Are Two Free Rental Housing Solutions for International Students in Canada

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Rentals for Newcomers and Prepare for Canada offer two excellent free housing solutions for international students looking to rent in Canada.

Our goal at Prepare for Canada and Rentals for Newcomers is to enable international students to more easily navigate the Canadian rental housing market, stay informed about the latest news and trends, and provide real solutions for their rental housing needs. 

Choosing the right school and city 

We provide practical advice and tools to help make the international student rental experience smoother. Our goal is to create housing solutions for international students.

We also strive to show international students the links between universities and colleges, the local housing market, the job market, and community support services when they choose a city to settle in. 

These insights can help international students choose the right school and city and make the right financial first steps.

 Remember that while many international students study and settle in Canada’s largest cities (Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal), most mid-sized and small Canadian cities have excellent post-secondary schools and services found in larger cities but with a much lower cost of living, particularly regarding renting.

Finding the cheapest rents 

And, cities in Western Canada have the biggest bargains regarding rent prices.

Our unique and free housing solutions are designed to help international students find their first rental home in Canada.

So, here are the two FREE rental housing solutions that we currently offer international students:

         1 - Rentals for Newcomers (our helpful, newcomer-friendly FREE rental listings site)

Rentals for Newcomers is an excellent route to finding accommodation in Canada. It connects international students directly with landlords who value them as tenants. 

Finding rental housing in Canada is challenging for international students, with rent prices rising and vacancy rates at all-time lows. Rentals for Newcomers also provides invaluable stories on renting in Canada, impressing Canadian landlords, avoiding rental scams, getting renters insurance, and so much more. 

Click here to register for Rentals for Newcomers for free. 

Rentals for Newcomers connects international students directly with landlords who value them as tenants. 

2 - Rooms for Newcomers (becoming a housemate and renting a room in a home is easy, safe and cheaper)

This Sparrow-Prepare for Canada initiative aims to provide international students with house-sharing, another cheaper alternative to being a roommate or renting an apartment or condo.

Sparrow’s home-sharing platform and community match hosts with spare bedrooms with international students seeking budget-friendly places to live. The company also sees its business as building social connections and increasing the quality of life for Canadians. You can find out more by clicking here.

Remember, the best rental strategy for international students is to do as much housing research as possible before coming to Canada.

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