How to Find Student Accommodations in Canada

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For international students coming to Canada, finding a place to rent is one of their first big tasks. This webinar features advice from two of Canada's leading rental industry experts. 

When it comes to securing your housing in Canada, Rob Watt, the CEO of The DMS Group offers this advice: "The market fills up in the spring and in the summer. So most of the product that is desirable, that is close to campus and has the amenities and the services that you'd want will be rented up prior to the beginning of the fall semester."

That advice is echoed by Adi Brar of Mainstreet Equity Corp. and a former international student: "Apply (to rent) early. Do not leave this decision to the end. This is a very competitive (housing) market. Most units get rented before the summer's over."

You can listen to the entire webinar by clicking here. Enjoy. 

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