Here is What Renters Across Generations are Looking For

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Renters in Canada span all age groups and nationalities.

Each generation, of course, has its own "wish list" when it comes to amenities and services offered by a landlord or property management group.

Rentsync, a company specializing in marketing solutions for the multifamily rental industry, has compiled an interesting list of things renters of each generation, including newcomers to Canada, prioritize when renting in a multifamily (apartment or condo) building. 

"As many [in Canada] see a long-term future as renters," writes Rentsync, "many are not willing to compromise on their quality of life and are making more demands on features and finishes. This has resulted in an ever-growing call by renters for newer and higher-quality amenities than ever before. This issue is one that we are tracking quite closely in a bid to better understand what renters are looking for, and how to better attract qualified prospects to rental listings."

And yes, pet-friendly is on everyone's list!

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